Gembro Trail n. B349: for family-friendly fun on two wheels

A gorgeous bike ride through the Pian di Gembro nature reserve

Suitable for anyone that enjoys the thrill of two wheels, the Gembro Trail n. B349 is a circular route around the Pian di Gembro nature reserve that’s known for its views and scenic nature. While advanced riders can consider it an easy spin in unspoilt surroundings, those newer to the sport can test their endurance, and families with children can make the most of the fresh air on their way around the loop.

It begins from the car park at Pian di Gembro (1,357 metres) and climbs towards Trivigno. At the junction to Santa Cristina, turn left and follow the road around the first hairpin on the right. Once you spot a paved road heading into the woods on your left, take it. You’ll then pass the very old and very beautiful little church of San Fortunato, before reaching the wetlands – take a pause and admire the unspoilt nature reserve and the views that have just opened up.

It turns to a dirt track from here with a few gentle ups and downs en route to Piscè. Sticking to the gravel, Valcheola is the next landmark before the final stretch along a trail in the woods that’s part of the 16-Valentina route and throws up a few more challenges on the way back to the original car park.

8 Km
1-2 h
Starting point
Pian di Gembro
End point
Pian di Gembro
spring, summer, autumn
Elevation (start): 1.357 m
Elevation (finish): 1.357 m
Climbing:  205 m
Max. gradient: 13%

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